Welcome to Kinetic Sculptures

This site is about my fascination with things that move, whether it is a whirligig, a kinetic sculpture, a toy, a marble run, a fountain or even human powered Kinetic Sculpture Races.

I have always enjoyed watching things that move on there own, like sculptures, toys, fountains etc.

There are many ways of looking at what is generically referred to as "kinetic sculptures".

Types of Sculptures

Types of kinetic sculptures that exist, from the normal physical objects to more unusual items like light and fluids.

Public Sculptures

Many public sculptures are found in science museums and larger art museums.

There are also Kinetic Sculpture races that are only powered by humans.

Buying a Kinetic Sculpture

Where to buy your own.

Making your own

How to make your own.


How to take care of your new (and old) sculptures.

Learning and teaching

How they work 

What educational items are out there for learning, from little kids to curious adults.

Things are just getting started, so check back every once in a while to see how I am doing.

Finding Public Kinetic Sculptures
Finding public Kinetic Sculptures
Buying your own Kinetic Sculpture
Information on buying a kinetic sculpture
Making Kinetic Sculptures
Information for making your own kinetic sculptures
Caring and Maintaining a Kinetic Sculpture
Caring and Maintaining your kinetic sculpture
Educational Kinetic Sculptures
Kinetic sculptures for educational use
Types of Kinetic Sculptures
Types of Kinetic Sculptures